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Exercise requirements of an adult dog 

Pups generally have more energy requirements than any adult dog. They are at their growing age, so they require a lot of exercise for their body’s proper growth and development. Take your pup for a short walk and play sessions twice or thrice a day rather than a long walk once a day, as it can be too hard to handle for a puppy’s growing body. Spend time with your little one to know about their needs. Consult your vet to know the right amount of exercise your pup needs to live a healthy, happy, and long life. 펫키지 강아지 보험 비교


  • Exercise requirements of an adult dog 

The breed from which a dog belongs heavily influences the amount of exercise it requires. If a dog is a working or hunting breed, it requires more exercise than pet breeds. When you choose a pup, keep in mind their energy requirements and decide whether you can fulfill them or not. Do not get an active breed home if you cannot lead an active lifestyle and vice versa. An adult dog ideally needs 40-60 minutes of exercise depending on the breed and some play sessions to keep them physically healthy and mentally stimulated. If your adult dog has certain health issues like hip dysplasia and heart diseases, consult your vet and ask for an appropriate exercise routine without causing any discomfort to your dog and also keeping it healthy.


  • Exercise requirements of a senior dog 

Old dogs tend to become lazy after a certain age. It might not be able to run, walk and live an active lifestyle once it did. You may need to restrict it from some hard exercises, but some amount of activity is as important for an older dog as it is for a puppy. Observe your dog’s behavior and pattern and know what it needs because, as a dog owner, nobody better than you can know your dog. Also, consult your vet to know the suitable exercise for your dog when it’s aging.


Veterinary Care

Routine vet visits are very important for your pet to live a long, healthy, and happy life. Annual and biannual health examinations help detect diseases’ early signs and symptoms that cannot be determined easily. For dog owners, their pets are a part of their family, and it is as important to take care of them as any other family member. Just like humans, pets do need regular health check-ups to stay healthy.


Below are some of the services provided during veterinary visits that are important for your pets.


  • Signs and symptoms: Regular visits and health check-ups help detect the early signs and symptoms of any disease your pet may suffer from, and treatment can be started as early as possible. As a dog owner, you should watch the signs of some common diseases that your dog breed can suffer from but cannot always know if something is wrong with your dog. Here comes the role of a vet. Vets are trained doctors who know what signs to look for during the physical and internal examination.


  • Vaccinations: Vaccines play a significant role in keeping your dog as healthy as possible. There are several diseases a dog can be exposed to, especially if it comes in contact with other animals more often. It is important to be up to date with all your dog’s vaccinations to protect them from getting sick. If a dog does not receive the necessary vaccine, it may suffer from various health problems that can be life-threatening. Consult your vet to know about the essential vaccinations your dog requires.


  • Heartworm: Heartworms spread from one animal to another through a parasitic worm generally transferred through a mosquito bite. The infection can stay on the dog’s system for more than six months or longer. It is possible that your dog does not show any signs at an early stage. Blood screening is the only way to detect and diagnose the problem, so if your dog is not receiving regular vet care, heartworms cannot be detected. Once detected, they can be entirely treated through medications. 강아지보험비교.com


  • Dental Care: Regularly brushing your dog’s teeth is important to remove the tartar build-up and keep their teeth clean. Around 80% of dogs suffer from dental problems at the age of three. Unless you have a calm dog, the chances are that your dog will let you brush your teeth. If it doesn’t let you do so, you may need vet assistance to clean your dog’s teeth. Vets examine your pet’s teeth, clean them if necessary, and prevent and treat any dental problems further.


  • Weight and body shape: Vets can help to weigh your dog and examine the condition better. They can advise you about how much exercise your dog needs, how to feed your dog, and when to feed your dog. Being overweight is a common problem that 90% of dogs face. Regular vet visits and a health check-up will allow you to know the exact body condition and whether your dog needs to gain or lose.


  • Spray/Neuter: Dogs should be spayed/neutered to prevent unwanted litter and avoid serious medical problems in the future. Spraying and neutering can prevent prostate disease in male dogs and urinary infections in female dogs. Females can be spayed around six months of their age before their first heat cycle. A female doesn’t need to reproduce. 펫키지.com